In just one weekend, you changed the house we had into the home we wanted!  Your careful and personalized planning exceeded our expectations.  Our excitement for the big reveal created anxious moments and butterflies as we drew closer and closer.  Walking in the front door for the first time was exciting, a bit overwhelming, and way more than worth the wait!  You transformed our modest house into a beautiful show home.  We went from tears of happiness, to our son’s giddiness, and finally to a feeling of comfort, pride, and amazement each time we come home.  You greatly exceeded our hopes and dreams and we are truly grateful.  As our son said, “Best Day Ever!”.  Thanks so much to the entire team for their hard work.  The passion you all approached this entire process with is undeniable.  Thanks to you all we feel truly blessed.

 Jennifer Usher

★★★★★ Love the atmosphere in this tasteful, beautiful, lovely and warm store. Staff is so helpful, sincere, knowledgable and genuinely nice & caring. Great quality, selection and affordable. One can easily spend a few hours admiring and browsing all the unique and wonderful items. Love the personal service, honesty and yet feeling no pressure to purchase. Definitely Medicine Hat’s very own treasure and one stop shopping for home interior (incl rare & one of a kind pieces of furniture) and personal “make over/transformation”. Annie McGuire top notch all around. Respect and admiration to the owner who is one wonderful, talented and caring lady who loves and has a passion of giving you exactly what you desire, but are incapable of doing yourself. This is a +5 star review and praise based on personal working experiences!

Helle Brink

After 30 years in our log house on the river I had run out of ideas to make it new and fresh. Living on a ranch means never being able to move when you tire of your house. Could any one make me “love my house, again”? Enter the design team from Annie McGuire’s. After a consult for simply “painting my cabinets” turned into…can I really have wood floors in an already all wood home? “Absolutely!” was the response..”it just needs to be the right floor!”…we plunged head long and with trepidition into a reno! Its difficult to leave your home not knowing whether what you return to will be to your taste but they managed to do exactly what I had always tried to do! After three days of work by the design team our house is “new”, “fresh”, beautiful and, in my husband’s words, not too girly! Simply perfect!!

And did I mention our “bunkhouse”? WOW!!! They also did a design fix there, which turned it into what will now need to be called…”the Cottage on the River”!

Thank you so much for the FANTASTIC JOB!!

Patti and Gord Forbes

“Extraordinary!!!  The Annie Team arrived at our newly renovated office and made it feel like home!  The colours they chose for paint, along with all of the accents have made it the perfect office AND (I might add) the most beautiful in the city!  The feedback from the public has been overwhelming; it is comfortable, relaxing and professional. Thanks to all of the team at Annie McGuire!”

Sandy Redden, Speech Language Works

The team at Annie McGuire are FABULOUS and we are so lucky to have such a team of designers in Medicine Hat. They came into my house and made it feel like a home. Their staging ideas and style truly transformed my house. With all their ideas and suggestions not once did I feel pressured to buy everything they recommended (although I wanted to). They respected I had a budget I wanted to stay within and worked their magic with my style in mind. I can’t say enough about Annie McGuire, I recommend going to the studio for the latest style and trends and also welcoming them into your house for a transformation that will far exceed your expectations.

Phyllis Verhoeven

Beautiful! Elegant! Fun! Warm! Inviting! Peaceful! These area just a few words that describe my home after the amazingly talented staff from Annie McGuire transformed my house into a home. When I entered my home, I was completely speechless and overwhelmed with peace and joy. Sherry and Cynthia didn’t just listen to me, they had understood the vision I had for my home and brought it to life. Down to the smallest detail, my home reflects who I am and what is important to me. The staff at Annie McGuire are professional, caring, gifted and they certainly have enough enthusiasm to carry out any project. They didn’t just transfer my home, they transformed my life. Words cannot express my gratitude. They went above and beyond my expectations! I am extremely  pleased with the results. I highly recommend Annie McGuire to my friends and family and I’m already planning and looking forward to my next project with Annie McGuire. I can’t wait!!

Vickie and Lee Miller

Our objects, bibelots, whatnots and knickknacks say the most about who we are. They are as honest as a diary.

Charlotte Moss

“We had the gals at Annie McGuire Interiors & Design stage our home and we are absolutely thrilled. They did it while we were out of town and when we came home they were there with all the lights on ready for our “reveal”. We felt like we were on HGTV. Every room was astonishing. I couldn’t believe they could take our things and make them look so beautiful. They brought in other gorgeous accessories and furnishings from their store that perfectly filled out our décor. It’s been months now and we still wander around the rooms so filled with appreciation for their skill and obvious love for what they do. Everyone in the store has been so delightful, helpful and fun to work with. We can’t recommend them highly enough.     

Sandi and Mike

“I cannot even start to explain how thrilled I am with how Sherry and Deborah designed my baby room and master bed room. My master bedroom felt so bland and just was not a place to go relax in. Now after Sherry, Deborah and the other ladies of Annie McGuire Interiors had come in and designed it, it is now an absolute gorgeous retreat. It is so beautiful. There is no way I would of been able to do what they have done for me. The creativity and the way everything just flows together is amazing. It literally takes my breath away each time I go into my room! My baby room is so unique and just adorable. The custom painted mural in my baby room is absolutely gorgeous and everyone who comes and sees his room are in love with it! The custom closet I got done is so practical and it works so good for organizing all of my baby clothes and toys!

I look forward to getting more rooms in my house done by Annie McGuire Interiors! And definitely recommend them to anyone who is talking about redecorating or renovating their home!”     

Shayne & Anita

“I want to tell everyone about my experience dealing with Annie McGuire’s Interior & Design Studio. They met all my expectations and gave me the ultimate WOW moment!! I went to the girls at Annie’s and told them I wanted to change my house, they asked me my likes and dislikes, what I was in visioning and of course my budget. But here is where my story may differ from the usual. I gave them full control of the change of my home (colors, flooring, cabinets.. everything) You may be thinking this lady is crazy. Don’t feel bad, my friends told it to my face. My way of thinking was I don’t know enough in this area and I didn’t want to hinder their artistic vision. Well my house is done, on scheduled time ( which is an un heard story for renos), on budget, and my home was transformed beyond my wildest dreams. I am so truly blessed and happy with the end results. This company knows the meaning of going the distance in giving you customer service and giving the WOW!!”

“Thanks Bunches,”     


 The work that Sherry and her team did in our home was fantastic!  We collaborated during a long eight month rental and she seemed to get a good understanding of what our personal style was.  She always consulted with us and had many ideas that we would have never thought of.  We truly needed her to guide us in the right direction to establish change in our home.  We were so excited to come home for our big reveal!!  The house had been torn apart and we had been living in a mess for many months.  She had her plan and had the home ready for us when we came home from a holiday.  There were so many surprises in every room of our home.  She went out of her way to make something look special in every room, even the ones that did not have any renovations.  We are truly loving our renovation and our new décor and furniture.  Sherry knew exactly what to do to make us happy!!!  Thanks a bunch!!

Leanne and Grant